My Chill is Fake

Have you ever been so stressed that you’re calm?

This is my current state. For the past couple weeks, many people have come up to me asking “Chloe you seem calmer than usual, what changed? “or “Chloe, you look less stressed, I’m liking this new you” and my absolute favourite, which is, “Wow, Chloe have you started meditating you seem Zen? and like in control, loving’ it”.

All of these statements are a result of me not in control. In fact, I’m in a state of mind where I imagine myself sitting on a chair, with my problems revolving around me maintaining me in a permanent state of shock. There are a million things that need my attention, and I’m motionlessly stunned to do them.

Over the holiday break, my time will be dedicated to clearing my mind and focusing on continuing to advertise my fundraiser. I have three interviews with CJOB 680, CTV Morning News and Global News that I am absolutely terrified and thrilled about at the same time. I will be preparing, rehearsing, and practicing my butt off to make sure I don’t do anything I’ll regret afterwards (which the odds are very high). I will also be continuing to post my flyers around the city. I have already contacted the majority of my locations and am primarily left with postering the LRSD schools. I am unsure if I’ll be able to poster the schools prior to the break (due to minor complications) and if not will be continuing after the break.

I would also like to purchase some of the door prizes that will be provided during the event. I have one of the Zumba instructors preparing a “Zumba” themed basket though I may also be asking for donations from companies to lower my final purchase amount.

During my “relaxed” break, I plan to re-organize the itinerary of the fundraiser. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am obligated to cut one of the Peaceful Village performances during the event. I will now only have a drumming performance with only four drummers. I must find a way to incorporate this inconvenience to fit the information I delivered through advertising, letters and upcoming interviews.

Although my winter break will not be relaxed, I will make sure it’s enjoyed and celebrated. I look forward to returning prepared and refreshed to host my fundraising event.

*P. S- Did you notice that the two words that are bolded, represent the topic of this blog?

Happy Holiday’s,

Chloe Heinrichs


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