Organizational Strategy

My blog post today is based on management of my organizational strategies. Now whether or not I agree with organizational strategies, these were needed and in some way convenient.  Today, I’m going to discuss which three organizational strategies I chose and my interpretations on them.

My first organizational strategy is to, up-keep my agenda weekly and to do daily reflections of my tasks that needed to be completed that day. This particular strategy, was something I am already doing in my “ABC task board”, and is something I feel wasn’t needed. The reason behind this, is that I have never missed a due date, or have not completed an assignment to the best of my ability and effort. In addition, if there is an important event, or date that I should remember, I tape sticky notes to the front page of my binder which is, a constant reminder.

My second organizational strategy is to ensure that I don’t multitask. Unknown to me, this was a stupid task to agree with. Being a full-time student that has two jobs and other commitments, my life revolves around me multitasking and focusing my attention on more than one thing at once. To the contrary, I do make sure that whichever task I choose to undertake I focus solely on that one task, and when stalled to move onto another task to avoid not getting anything done at all.

My third and final organizational strategy is to prioritize my tasks from most to least important. I can at least say that one of my organizational strategies has not only worked out it has kept to its original form. I didn’t necessarily have to apply this, or change my habits because prioritization is something I do automatically. If I happen to have an assignment due at the end of the day, all my other tasks will revolve around completing this assignment.

It’s safe to say that I may not have, up kept with my original three organizational strategies, though I have found other ways to keep myself organized. As mentioned earlier I’m someone who is organized.  Needing to create new ways for me to stay organized, may not have been necessary or a top priority, but it is always good to know there were options.


Until next time,

Chloe Heinrichs


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