“It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop.” – Unknown

Summarizing my progress from my last blog, I have found my inner motivation and am determined to reach the finish line. At first glance to this quote, one word comes to mind “willpower”. Willpower is something I’ve needed to use consistently throughout the past few weeks, and is what I would consider to be what keeps me going through my stalled moments.

Last Thursday was my first volunteer experience at IRCOM, and I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing experience. It was Arts and Crafts night, and my kids and I were extremely engaging and enthusiastic about our creation. Our instructions were to build the tallest standing structure using only marshmallows and spaghetti sticks. Exploiting our team building skills as well as communication, our group ended up winning the contest and received little rewards. Getting the opportunity to work with the kids, reminded me why I’m at Propel and who I am as a person.

Reflecting on that night, the thought of not having a project idea was consistently on my mind.  Unlike most projects here at Propel, the field I appeal is not a field in which projects pop out, it’s structured and longstanding which makes it nearly impossible to create something out of. Gradually, beginning more volunteer work, I’ve come to the conclusion that creating a project exclusively based on one aspect of immigrants is no longer possible. Beginning to feel strained and immobile, I’m worried I’m not using my time effectively and efficient to the standards I hold to myself. I’m in a state of mind where distracting myself with volunteer work, blogs and other work can no longer hide the fact I have nothing.

Referring to the quote, I demand myself to remember that “willpower” is something to thrive for and to keep in mind. As mentioned earlier, I realize that having one project dedicated to only aspect of immigrants is not possible and instead am considering having multiple “mini” projects based more generally on the organizations.

My project is moving extremely slow, and am just in the beginning stages of creating my “mini” projects. One idea in mind, was to collect used children’s books from the school family’s and to donate them to my organizations. I may also be considering doing some advertisement for the Peaceful Village located at Glenlawn Collegiate as well. Though both ideas are still just thoughts, and will not be procured until further planning. Reopening a once closed door is the sense of inspiration, and clarity I needed. I can honestly say that I’m slowly starting to feel my quirky, content and hopeful self once again.

Until next time,

Chloe Heinrichs


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